Leading by Example: ABB Puts Its Own Technology to Use to Decarbonize Facilities

ABB is making itself a case study in how the company's technologies can be used to create carbon-neutral buildings.

Building that says ABB on the front
ABB's Porvoo, Finland, facility

As a multinational company that sells technologies like motors, automation systems and electrification infrastructure, ABB has the potential to create a more energy-efficient future for the world.

But the company isn’t just telling other businesses to buy energy management systems and renewable energy hardware. They’re leading by example.

Specifically, ABB has started to deploy its own technologies across its facilities to reach its goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2030, while also aiming by then to help customers cut annual CO2 emissions by 100 megatons.

That’s an amount equivalent to what more than 100 million acres of U.S. forests can sequester in a year, according to the EPA.

In 2019, ABB completed its first carbon-neutral transformation at its facility in Lüdenscheid, Germany, which included adding its own technologies like a solar power system and energy management software.

Most recently, ABB went carbon neutral at its Porvoo, Finland site, which is used for producing smart building wiring accessories and installation materials in the Nordics.

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