2023-2024 Carbon Neutral Copy Corporate Sustainability Survey

2023-2024 Carbon Neutral Copy Corporate Sustainability Survey

Corporate sustainability is shifting from something that's almost charitable to something that's integral to business success. In fact, 83% of corporate sustainability leaders in our survey say sustainability helps long-term financial performance.

But that doesn't mean sustainability leaders aren't still facing challenges. Far from it. In our inaugural survey, Carbon Neutral Copy surveyed 53 sustainability leaders globally (the majority from the U.S.) across companies of all sizes.

Given the sample size, results should not be taken as statistically significant, but we think the results could still hold value for sustainability leaders, and we have supplemented the findings with qualitative analysis from four leading sustainability experts:

  • Gregory Carli, global leader, sustainability resilience, and ESG at GHD
  • Lindsay Dahl, chief impact officer at Ritual
  • Elisa Moscolin, executive vice president of sustainability at Sage
  • Anuj Saush, leader of the Environmental, Social & Governance Center, Europe at The Conference Board

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Disclosure: Carbon Neutral Copy's parent company, JournoContent LLC, has clients involved in sustainability-related areas, among others. The owner of Carbon Neutral Copy, Jacob (Jake) Safane, has investments in sustainability-related companies, among others.

As such, conflicts of interest related to these and other investments/business relationships, even if unintended, may exist at times. Please email info@carbonneutralcopy.com if you'd like further clarification on any issues.

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