What Can Businesses Learn From Eco-Friendly Baby Brands? 3 Examples

Brands like Hello Bello, Lovevery and Kyte Baby show that sustainability can be an advantage.

Baby on pool float
Photo by Valeria Zoncoll / Unsplash

As a new dad, I know firsthand that babies need a lot of stuff. Or at least people feel like babies need a lot of stuff to give them the best care. 

But buying all that stuff—diapers, toys, cute outfits, snot suckers, you name it—can take its toll on the environment, especially since a lot of these purchases are single-use or short-term-use products.

However, some baby brands now offer more sustainable options. That’s not to say they’re all perfect environmental solutions, but if you’re going to buy baby gear, then going with these types of brands could be a better way to minimize your environmental footprint. 

Meanwhile, corporate sustainability leaders can learn from what these companies are doing. Even if you’re not in the baby business, seeing how these companies talk about sustainability and implement sustainability practices could help your own brand.

Some examples of eco-friendly baby brands that you can learn from include:

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